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About this guide

Whatever our religious beliefs, the period around the Christmas holidays, from the end of the school year and up to Australia Day, is a time of celebration with plenty of eating, drinking and the giving of gifts.

Many Australians at this time eat more, drink more, shop more and travel more—making a big impact on our budgets and the environment. Why not make this year the time to think about the wider impact of your Christmas consumption and take steps to save money and save resources?

At the heart of the festive season, the key Christmas essential is about spending time with family and friends. Many Australians are seeking ways to add meaning to the season and reduce its materialistic focus. So why not try some of these ideas and give the planet a present at the same time?

This guide gives you some easy, practical and realistic tips that you can use when deciding how to celebrate. Many of our tips are fun, family-friendly and may help you celebrate the season without blowing the budget. You don't have to do them all—initiating even a few changes this year will make a difference.